Anxiety among University Students - Good Health and Well-Being


Emily Leong Yung Xing
Cheng Xue Min
Choong Yee Shiong
Joanna Ong Yi En
Pang Yu Ning
Tan Hui Ying
Yovinassh Raj

About the Project

“Self-Serenity” is a customized application with features designed to aid students to cope with mental health diseases specifically anxiety by helping them improve their self-esteem, sleep optimally, socially interact and have an organized and happy lifestyle.

“Self-Serenity” includes solving the university students’ inconsistent sloppy sleeping schedule with the help of a sleep tracker and music-based app that plays therapeutic sounds which ensures a healthy sleeping schedule and helps students to relax. Healthy coping mechanisms are encouraged by educating students on how to meditate and calm their minds through this application. On top of that, a task tracker allows students to stay on track at all times. To add on, students’ low social interaction level was addressed where this application allows students to communicate with their seniors. The lonely feeling students face when suffering from anxiety is acknowledged by AI chat that engages in a motivating conversation with students undergoing anxiety.

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