Kenny Lau Hua
Joyce Lim Jo Yee
Chin Yen Yi
Christopher Shawn C.Soliman
Elizabeth Yap Jia Jia
Muhd Luqman Hii bin Abd Qayyum Hii
Lyana Hii Binti Abdul Qayyum Hii @ Hii Jia Yiun

About the Project

Au-Pear is an Apps that provides important information to parents with convenience and accessibility, keeping parents up to date and on track with available medical care information for their children with a range of ages. It is focusing on the information of nutrition and vaccinations for children. Our search engine will be integrated with artificial intelligence that will provide accurate search data and summarised information.

This project is focused on the UN SDG of Healthy Lives and Well-Being. Child’s health is of utmost importance to a parent. The busy work schedules of most parents cause them to be unable to have full management and time to gain proper knowledge on nutrition and vaccinations for their children. Thus, there is a need to develop a system that provides these knowledge to the parents. Our project aimed to develop an Apps names as "Au-Pear". Au-Pear is a childcare Apps with the information of nutrition and vaccinations. The Apps provides up-to-date information and serves as a platform to connect with other parents for experiences sharing and advices seeking. Au-pear is a convenient Apps that saves the parents' time so that they have more quality time with their children, besides minimising the mistakes that could potentially happen related to the children's care. In summary, this product has a great opportunity to help parents in taking care for their children.

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