Muralle Dharan
Muhammad Danial Hakim
Angela Stefani
Putri Ardhea Annisa
Muhammad Daniesh Syahiran
Hafsah Fiaz
Syed Muhammad Faris

About the Project

Batik2U is a mobile workshop for batik artists. Nowadays with rising fashion trends such as branded clothing and fast fashion, batik culture is slowly losing its value among Malaysian culture and its people. A decline in demand also meant a decline in manufacturers. But with the Batik2U, our product is meant to save the batik artists who are struggling and help support them by hiring them to run it in order to preserve traditional batik and rekindle the beauty, joy, and history of our batik to the public. The Batik2U can make batik more accessible, since it is mobile, and can teach, promote, or sell traditional batik and make our streets more colorful. It can help out other local batik businesses in need by selling and promoting their products through Batik2U. Tourists will have more chances to explore traditional batik and learn more about this overlooked culture. Or, it can also work with schools to teach and give children hands-on lessons on how traditional batik is made.

The project is mobile so it is suitable or adaptable to most areas, but preferably around towns or cities. The project is more of a community based project, so we hope to gain collaboration opportunities with local batik artists. The UN SDG that our project addresses are: 8) Decent work and economical growth because our idea wants to help the batik industry make stable sales, and 9) Industry, innovation, and infrastructure because we want to support the batik artists jobs, contribute to batik culture and teach tourists or youths about batik.

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