BRO, Your Best Life Companion


Vanessa Christiana Phan
Kan Jia Seng
Luqman Abqari Zahir Bin Afandi
Nandita Kinanthy
Subbashnee Muniswaran
Vanessa Klara
Nadia Syazira Binti Abdul Aziz
Ravvetaran Thillai

About the Project

BRO, a mobile application concept is a project under the Social Innovation Module. After long and extensive research, along with the deeper diving to the end users' needs, our team finally proposed this versatile prototype. Through this app, we want to make students’ life easier and help them learn beneficial habits so that they live a better life physically and mentally. We provide the best solutions to daily problems especially to those students who are battling mental health and requires assistance. Our app features consist of 4 major section; body health, motivation, daily activities, and mental health; that is made based on the needs and preferences of our honorable end users. BRO is dedicated for all students who against the battle of mental health and have a big consciousness to be the well-rounded person.

Mental health is commonly overlooked compared to physical health and often viewed negatively so that it becomes such a taboo topic to the public. Hence, people suffering from mental illnesses live in constant denial about the existence of their problems by brushing it off or ignoring them, which then accumulates over time putting themselves under so much more stress and pressure, waiting for the moment to burst. Unfortunately, this leads to self-harm and detrimental situations (e.g., suicide, domestic abuse), and it’s about time we change that.

Majority of students today who are already suffering with their mental health and struggling academically are also faced with the challenges that arise since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, we have innovated our product through 5 stages; empathy, define, ideation, prototype and testing. We truly dive deeper to the needs of the end users and conduct an extensive research to ensure that our proposed prototype will be fully beneficial and suits our end users perfectly.

This project is mainly targeted to university students, also extended to high school, college and part-time students in Asia ranging from 15 to 25 years old that are coping with online studies in any education institution around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, our objective is to help and guide university students and other individuals who suffer from mental illnesses and other situational problems (e.g., laziness, clustered daily schedule, domestic abuse, bullying, period tracking) especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that our end-users will overcome their challenges and become a happier and much well-rounded person.

The name of BRO is derived from the common slang word of 'BROTHER'. This app is designed to be your ‘brother’ where it is able to be your best friend, helpmate, and companion whenever it is needed. BRO also stands for 'BE RELIED ON'. This app will act as someone who is reliable, especially with school work, daily activities and personal development. Lastly, it is also an acronym: 'BALANCE, RESPONSIBILITIES, OPPORTUNITIES'. BRO is a handy app that provides the user a BALANCED emotional state of mind and also helps to prioritize RESPONSIBILITIES in doing the obligations. Last, it gives out OPPORTUNITIES by expanding the users’ networking and broadening the chance of job occupation.

This app contains features that are divided into 4 main parts: body health, daily activities, motivation, and mental health. Here at BRO, we believe that physical health is heavily connected to mental health, so we cover them both. We provide end users with the best fitness and health trackers along with the guidance of actual professional experts. With its simple interface and user friendly controls, all the end users can plan their agenda, set reminders, organize time, and set daily personalized goals based on their preferences. For future encouragement, our end users are able to expand their network and stay connected with the people that they love, as well as open up good opportunities. Last but not least, BRO has got you covered in the aid of your mental health journey by offering services such as professional therapy, workshops, video courses, chatbots and mindful and meditative journals, where you can track your thoughts and moods to ensure the growth of your mental wellbeing.

As part of the general information, this prototype is under SDG 3, Good Health and Well Being.

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