Café Faith


Nadya Alexandra Tagara
Mohamed Imaad Suhayb
Florence Tiong Yan Ting
Angel Voo Chai Hung
Pong Chi San
Raza Nurhana Binti Rahim
Aznor Qistina Mastura Azri
Daniella Imanuel Maria
Lee Kah Yee

About the Project

Café Faith is a non-profit, paid-training program specially tailored for children of Chow Kit Foundation who choose to improve their soft skills instead of continuing formal tertiary education. Not limited towards skills relating to the F&B industry, children will also achieve transferable and entrepreneurial skills that they can utilize in any field. This non-formal education program does not only provide a more flexible knowledge but also opens the door to more opportunities and decreases employment gaps.

Mainly addressing SDG 4, quality education, while also help improving SDG 1 (no poverty) and SDG 8 (decent work), Cafe Faith is committed to provide children of Chow Kit Foundation with tools needed for a bright future ahead. We have created a program that would help unleash potentials of students through a full-service barista and culinary training, complimented with life skill courses to open more opportunities and kick start their career.

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