Muhammad Bilal Karimi Bin Mohd Zaki
Tawfeeqah Ikhlaasah Muncey
Khor Lim Han
Muhammad Umair Bhatti
Nuh Mohamed Nashid
Tan Yi Hern
Iylia Thaqeef Bin Darus

About the Project

Our aim for this project is to help youngsters and kids to overcome the difficulties faced when it comes to money management. Through our project we would like to teach young children about basic finance, a topic which is kept away from children in the vast majority of the schools. We intend to make an application that will address the issue we think kids face. Our app will be called “CoinQuest” and it will be widely available on different app stores. We hope that by the time children have finished the game they will have learnt basic finance in their early age.

It is easily observable that there are many youths that are not able to manage their finances very well, let alone the younger ones. This problem may have been linked to the fact that most of them lack experiences and exposure towards the importance of what is called financial literacy at a younger age, especially those who come from low income families since that is what has been keeping some families stuck with financial struggles. Therefore in order to overcome this issue, an element of the sustainable development goals by the UN which is quality education was chosen as the focus of this project. Since this project scope was set towards children from low income families, a quality education has to be instilled by using the most effective way possible. Therefore, a good delivery of the importance and essential knowledge to build a good financial literacy was made via the creation of a finance mobile game application called “CoinQuest”. This app was made with the objectives to expose the players towards good financial management, and create the understanding of the importance of good financial literacy while without having to risk real world currency to learn from simple mistakes that may affect the life of those who are at fault.

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