Comfortainer (Education for Underprivileged Children)


Wong Yi Ming Victor
Chew Synn Yi
Bernard Toh Kok Liang
Wong Heng Lone
Chang San Ee
Khew Zi Feng
Fatima Abdul jabar Abdulazeez
Yong Qi Pin
Ahmed Abkar Futain AL-Jamali

About the Project

A specially designated all-in-one comfort zone built out of shipping containers which comes equipped with multiple features to induce a better learning environment and enhance learning experience.

There are underprivileged children in Chow Kit who are deprived of quality education, and we are focusing on bringing quality education to them. The main objective is to give opportunity to the underprivileged children through many ways. We are incorporating UN SDG Goal 4 and 10 in this project. We have made sketch-ups and layouts of the project.

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