Daily Fit


Alister Animesh Baroi
Muntahin Rahman
Saraf Nawar Haque
Abdullah Mohamed Ansari
Pravir Kumar Ujoodha
Enzo Anindya Costa
Delroy Albert Honde
Jasper Mu Tze En

About the Project

Introducing Daily Fit. Your true fitness assistant. Using daily fit, you can set daily workout schedules, track vitals (BP, HR, steps), track sleep cycle, and track food and calorie consumptions.
Aside from that, other features include meditation sessions, cardio workouts, and daily quotes for motivation. Additionally, there are also advanced machine learning capabilities, to suggest ideal workout activities, and prevent the ones that are not the most ideal for you, based on your profile and medical data. And the daily motivational quotes keeps you motivated, while the gamification design keeps you wanting to come back for more.

SDG 3, Good Health & Well-Being

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