Decent Work and Employment Growth - STAND


Charmaine Cheng
Yeong Yin Wey
Lau Kah Wai
Chee Carmen
Liew Ping Yi
Sheema Arul Joseph
Shen Zhi Yuan
Emily Liew

About the Project

Due to the ongoing pandemic, employment rates have been dropping and causing many to lose their jobs, there are also those that are not able to attain a job, especially those of the people with special needs. They are often neglected by others and discriminated because of who they are. As our group works with the social enterprise STAND, we aim to help increase the businesses of the non-profit STAND and also increase awareness of how people should be treated equally and fairly regardless of who they are, in which are the motives of STAND.

The STAND organisation has been moving forward since they started out in the year 2011, to help those with special needs attain a stable living and also to be proud of themselves, to not listen to the naysay of others that do not understand the true meaning of kindness and generosity. As the SDG that we are working on is decent work and employment growth, we wish for society to not judge the people with special needs based on who they are but try to understand the lives of others. Not only do we want to help with the growth of employments in the country for the people of special needs, but also to implant a more compassionate mindset for everyone to follow. We hope to help people realise that there is more to a person than appearances.

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