Discover Dayak Traditional Dances


Ramphul Nooshika Ashee
Raphael Job Theodia
Tee Jie Yi
Ling sze ting
Atiyyah Sameer Adam
Ho Jia Wen
Teresa John Dines

About the Project

Discover Dayak Traditional Dances in Malaysia gives the approaches and giving the ideas in providing cultural enrichment and raises awareness of the uniqueness of traditional Dayak dances in Malaysia and meet the social need of different components which can be from working conditions and education to community development. It focuses on executing innovative solutions to give positive impact on the community and benefits to the society. Discover Dayak Traditional Dances showcases the traditions, cultures and events local and international tourists alike can experience by visiting Dayak communities. Discover Dayak Dances in Malaysia is a great platform to connect Dayak communities and the public. Discover Dayak Traditional Dances in Malaysia is a useful tool especially in sustaining the cultures, traditions, custom, celebrations and heritages of the Dayak community especially for the future generation and the main support to empower the community of the Dayak in Malaysia. We will continuously provide interesting contents to many of our users.

8. Decent work and Economic Growth
9. Industry innovation and infrastructure
17. Partnerships For the Goals

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