Eco-friendly playground (G22 - Infrastructure & Education for Orang Asli Children)


Heng Yi Yuan
Lee Cai Ying
Chai Wei Han
Gaikwad Anurag Shantavan
Cao Lixin
Ng Zy Kun
Lim Yu Jiun

About the Project

The whole kindergarten should be redesigned in such a way that the kids should find it more attractive and that will encourage the kids to come to the kindergarten regularly. Their school won't be boring and basic anymore, it will be a joyful and colourful environment. The Playground we can see in the pictures, the current situation of it is not very good. The renovation ideas suggested above like adding more fun and interactive equipment or even the colour scheme that should be followed to renovate the playground so the kids are more interested. If all these ideas are implemented and the playground is redesigned, it will be very helpful for the children’s personal development.

It’s an idea where we recreate and redecorate the playground of the tabika of the orang asli. We are using the recycled material to build the equipment of the playground so that it is more eco-friendly but at the same time safe for the children to play around happily.

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