Choo Jia Qi
Guo Rui
Chang Yee Sin
Nikki Chuah
Anson Hii Hieng
Ivan Tee Yun

About the Project

This is an app that will aid in monitoring air quality in and around the campus both in the present and for the future as well. It gets feedback from monitoring devices placed strategically in classrooms and throughout common areas in the university. Members of staff as well as students will be alerted when a route they wish to take or a room they wish to enter is not ideal in terms of air quality. This will help make life on campus a quite a lot safer for everyone.

A hypothetical relationship with TE HVAC sensors is established as their devices will be used to monitor air quality. The other hypothetical relationship used is one with the Air Pollution Index website to give up to date air quality notifications in the area.

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