Education for Underprivileged Children


Teng Shi Han
Jackson Pang Sheng Yi
Soong Zhi Xin
Aurelia Kezia Permata
Priska pangestu
Nathan joel
Vincent Er Chee Yang
Lim Lee Xuen
Natalia Margaretha Andreany

About the Project

‘Another Chance’ is our product where we will become an intermediary platform for the children of the Chow Kit Foundation and also the society. With this platform, it will make it easier for people who want to help but don't know how to reach them. On this platform we will provide several sections where there is a section for donating books, a fundraising section and also a section for volunteers. We are going to merge these ideas into a single website called ‘Another Chance’. Everything on this website is to help the kids from the Chow Kit Foundation. In the book donation section we will collect different kinds of books and donate them to the children after screening and sorting.In the teaching materials section, we will provide a series of teaching videos of different subjects for children to learn in free time, no time limit. As for the volunteer section, this will be the section where society can register to help children on Yayasan Chow Kit directly. Due to this pandemic about travel restrictions, we are also using this website for the volunteers to create pre recorded videos for entertaining or education purposes where the children later can watch it.

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