Samantha Pan Shao Xuan
Valerie Poh Jun Yee
Wong Ee Ren
Hassan Rishfan Mohamed
Yeong Zhi Min
Yeong Zhi Xin
Lavanya Lakshmi Subagaran
Thung Ke Xin

About the Project

“Educatscape” is an app that aims to act as a medium to expand the community by gathering all volunteers and educators to build a better education scene for underprivileged kids. With our app, teaching and learning can be delivered conveniently and cost-effectively. Lastly, our main goal focuses on providing them quality education as well as certificates which may open up more opportunities to the children.

Education is one of the most prominent aspects of eliminating the cycle of poverty. Yet, the everyday reality reveals that there are still underprivileged children who are unable to receive an education due to poor circumstances. Sadly, there is also a rising number of underprivileged children in Malaysia who are unable to receive an education. Amidst the pandemic, the challenges faced by NGOs such as lack of space, insufficient manpower, and monetary shortage have forced them to turn down children in Chow Kit.

Therefore, in this technology-dependent society, we have created an app, “Educatscape” that can be an effective method to educate the underprivileged children of Chow Kit. The underprivileged children of Chow Kit will thus be exposed to quality education and different branches of knowledge and skillsets. Through the app, students can keep track of their learning progress through step-by-step courses. Live consultations are also provided by tutors to encourage and motivate students to learn. Last but not least, through completing the available courses, certificates will be granted in means that are beneficial to their future job requirements. This provides them the opportunity to stand equal to the socially advantaged.

As our whole team of eight members will be involved in developing this app, we aspire for Educatscape to also serve as a source of income to support more upcoming projects for the underprivileged children in Chow Kit and bear for our operational costs. In the future, it is hoped that our app can gain recognition by collaborating with more organizations to get sponsors and ease their financial burdens.

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