Loo Bing Cong

About the Project

Edulife is designed by teenagers for teenagers. It has been created by keeping what is of utmost importance in mind. Edulife has been made accessible to a large group as it is both an app and a website, which makes it easier to access. The app will help individuals learn basic life skills such as cooking, first aid, mechanical skills and many more. Learning such skills will help individuals improve their quality of life. The app will help them gain trust in their ability to move into society and carry themselves confidently, recognising that they are not limited by a lack of life skills. By having sufficient knowledge about Home Science, individuals will be able to successfully deal with everyday problems that they might face as well as gaining a sense respect for themselves.We believe that Edulife will help individuals be the best version of themselves.

Most people are not equipped with basic life skills such as cooking, financial literacy, first aid training, basic fire safety and so on. After survey between age of 13 to 25, we found that they are lack of these life skills.


1. To improve life skills of users
2. Helps students prepare for adulthood and university life
3. Gives students the ability to take of them
4. Gives students necessary steps on how to act in care of an emergency

UN SDG: 4. Quality Education

Expected Deliverable: Students can use these life skills in the future.

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