Emotional Recognition Smart Monitor (ERSM)


Kezia Alexandra Thedianto
Jessica Orelia Betrandus
Michael Nathanael
Jeremi Mario Sanjaya
Kezia Vania Yulianto
Jehizkia Brilliant Prasetyo
Ricardo Silvester Pan

About the Project

Emotion Recognition Smart Monitor (ERSM) is the first ever smart watch that is able to detect the emotion by just a single scan. This watch uses electrocardiography and heart rate data to be converted into specific emotion by using the algorithm process. ERSM can detect four emotions which are joy, sadness, fear, and anger. Based on the processes of empathy and define, we found out that most parent are having hard time to understand their children in terms of their feeling and emotions, thus failed to form good bonding in between them. The condition has gone worse when the parents are working with busy schedule. Hence, ERSM is a solution to help the parents to understand their children better through emotion monitoring.

Many parents are busy with working and do not have sufficient time to communicate effectively with their children. This situation causes bonding problems in between the parents and their children because they failed to understand each other's feelings and sense each other's emotions. Thus, this product is aimed to help the parents to know the emotion of their children synchronously by wearing a smartwatch with emotion sensor. Parents and their children can achieve good bondings and have more quality time through the synchronous emotion detection of the children. The UN SDG target is Healthy Lives and Well-Being.

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