Family Ties - A Parenting Apps


Lim Wei Qing
Lim Cai Hui
Snehal Tahalooa
Ivy Goh Chia Yee
Liu Si Tong
Chang Kah Yee

About the Project

Nowadays, parents with busy schedules experience parenting difficulties. Thus, they want to find new ways to assist their kids to ensure they grow up to be independent, self-disciplined, and emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy. “Family Ties” is an Apps that assists busy parents in parenting by adapting to their busy and flexible schedule and plans a set of activities to be done with the kids during a set

The Apps of “Family Ties” intends to help busy parents to allocate their free time in an effective way to do various activities that ensures their kids will grow up to be self-disciplined, independent and socially, physically, and emotionally healthy. We believe that the app will ameliorate and enhance the lives of several parents and kids. Ultimately, we believe that “Family Ties” will be the digital replacement for any other medium of parenting assistance such as parental counselling and parenting guides and books. This project is focusing on UN SDG of Good Health and Well-Being for children.

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