Fight Against Ageism


Muhammad Ammar bin Muhammad Farish
Chai Jing Yi
Gan Ze Hong
Rahma Yasser Moursy
Sujay A/L Ravi

About the Project

This project is about the Fight Against Ageism. We observed that female high school students from the age of 13 - 17 was a victim of being verbally abused by their teachers. We got this observation after we interviewed a few female high school students. They were having conflict with the teachers and when the teachers aggressively scolded them, they just kept quite and took it. This was a problem which is the students does not know their rights as students.
Me and my team create an organisation called "Student's Rights Organization" or SRO for short. With this, we aim to help the students by educating them about the student's rights and also giving private or group consultation.

Our vision is envisioning inclusive schools free from ageism and discrimination against students, and where students can actualise their full potential.
Our mission is to eliminate discrimination against all students, empowering students, and promoting equality and justice.
Our intended outcome from this organisation that me and my team created is to make schools a more peaceful and safer place for students.

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