Freedom of Migrants


Calvin Josef Vincent
Ahmad Fauzi
Adiya Raedi Kazhimi
Batul Shoeb
Reyhaneh Abgharyan Afooshteh
Chan Quan Ian
Ashley Cheah Yiu Qian

About the Project

Freedom of Migrants is an app designed from the eyes and experience of migrant workers and foreign individuals living in a new country or area. This app helps to familiarize these individuals with the new environment and to understand the rules and regulations as well as educating them on their personal rights. Based on many interviews , few documented and undocumented migrants and foreign students have given insight on the life they live. Taken from all their responses and feedbacks, we have developed an app that will enable ease of access for migrant workers where they can connect and communicate while creating relationships and establishing connections. Extra benefits would derive from the features added in the app such as language coaching and health and well-being services. The Freedom of Migrants app focuses on reducing inequality amongst locals and migrant workers/ foreign individuals as well as providing the necessary help.

To help and care for migrant workers, to reduce inequality surrounding them and treat them fairly and justly.

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