G19 -Mental Health Issues among the Students


Victor Leong Kar Yeong
Huang Xinyao
Yap Ker Jiun
Tan Yu Xuan
Gan Yee Ling
Koh Zhi Qi
Chin Zhi Yi
Huang Qiqi

About the Project

This project aims to understand the internal emotions of the students who are facing mental health problems in their lives. The study involves 3 students among 19-25 in Klang Valley. The research has found them are feeling helpless and leading them to have anxiety, panic attack, self-harming, or even worst, suicidal. Lastly, they hope has someone will listen and provide guidance to them, so the innovations were created and named 'Everyone Cares for you' with the multi-functional apps in terms of physical and online applications and darkroom system in assisting them to solve the mental health issues they faced.

Mental health is a prevalent issue in today's society. It could happen to anyone, including your friends, family, and loved ones. Everyone may think it is insignificant, but before you know it, they may be gone. The struggle makes them feel helpless, leading to anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm, or, in the worst-case scenario, suicidal ideation. As a result, we proudly present to society this application and system, Everyone Cares for You. Our end users will be University and College students around the Klang valley. Students must overcome negative emotions and eating disorders caused by depression, as these can lead to mental illness. Furthermore, students must refrain from overthinking because it will have a negative impact on their personal and social lives, as well as make it difficult to collaborate on projects with others. Our SDGs are good health and well-being, which ensure healthy lives and promote well-being. Our prototype functions include Human assistance available in-app (provide support from doctors). Within the app, communication tools such as text/audio/video messaging and chats are available. To protect the data of users, app data is encrypted. We also provide consultation services 24 hours a day, seven days a week and including an AI chatbot that responds to questions. There are also notifications that offer personalized recommendations, encourage self-monitoring, and remind users to practice relaxation, go for a walk, or do other things that are beneficial to their psychological state.

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