Gamification in Learning


Loo Wei Ler
Low Ying Yu
Chew Ann Yi
Chong Shu Fern
Albert Steven Ko
Jessica Chan Kar Hei
Sylvia Lee
Lim Min Jun
Lim Chiew Zhie

About the Project

Preserve cleanliness of the communities with “CleanSim” application. Let’s bump into your mate and join the social cleaning activities together now!
CleanSim is an app developed to assist individuals to maintain the cleanliness of the community conveniently. The app allows the user to capture and upload the filthy area nearby their living environment, and assemble users in a small group to clean up the filthy area together. Additionally, the proactive users can redeem their rewards by participating in the cleaning activity.
In fact, we believe the features and functionalities of the application are able to raise environmental awareness and increase the cleanliness to the next level in the region of Malaysia.

We want to educate the youth and adults with a good concept in term of clean and environment concerned. SDG, 3.Good Health and Wellbeing and 12. Responsible consumption and production

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