Gender Inequality in the Workspace


Regina Ang Li
Toh chin long
Chow Qing Ying,
Princeton Darlington
Ashley Beatrice Gan Hui Li
Lam Jone Wing
Harrish Krishna A/L Hoari Krishnan

About the Project

The application functions to provide educators (both women and men) a platform where they can journal their thoughts on the day to day or with emojis to describe how they are feeling. Furthermore, is the forum where users can engage in community discussions. Besides that, there is a mentor section, where users can reach out to professional mentors to seek advice and guidance. There is also a notification function where the user can opt to receive motivational messages. Lastly, there is the additional resources page where the users can read insightful articles, watch inspiring videos, or join talks.

We are a team of youth that acknowledges the situation at hand where in the 21st Century, there is still a lack of fairness and equality that bridges the divide between men and women. We come from a place of love, commitment, and dedication to close the gap of inequality. Focusing on the workplace of educators; the teachers of the leaders of the future. We intend to help empower women and men to fight inequality, bring about social change, and lift up the rag blinding us from our future. We address the Gender Equality and Reduce Inequalities SDG.

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