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About the Project

The Glyph Community is a platform that promotes gender equality in the workplace by providing a safe space for women to gather, converse and support each other. We offer a helpful ear along with individual assistance by pointing them in the direction of organizations, helplines and legal aid for the discrimination they might be facing in the workplace.

Gender Inequality is a common occurrence in the majority of women. A group of Taylor's University students realized a platform was needed to assist the affected women. Thus in 2021, GLYPH was created. GLYPH is a non-profitable organization that mainly focuses on making sure women's voice heard. They believed that having a platform for women to write their problems and their story could help the public educate themselves on the issue.

Moreover, they believed that if a woman can stand firm together, women will overcome gender inequality. Our community is maintained through donations and hardworking volunteers from diverse industries passionate about bringing a change to the current status quo of gender imbalance in the workplace. We also fundraise by selling Glyph Community tote bags and raising awareness about women's rights in the workplace.

This is what we provide:
A place to let people speak about their unfair experience. Special Interest Groups on more in-depth issues with priority booking for members. Networking opportunities and regular updates on what is happening right now, social media and our Facebook group. Reactive support and networking. Tell us what you need, and we can find someone to help you, whether that is an individual query or suggestions for future meetings/expert-led discussion.

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