Good health and well- being of elders


Wong Qi Xuan
Heng Wang Chi
Tan Ai Lee
Grace Ling
Michelle Tan
Yap Jea Yi
Penny Yong
Yee Sheng Shyuan

About the Project

We 'Forever 18 club' will be providing an opportunity for the elders to meet up or knowing other elders while experiencing the activities provided by 'Forever 18' volunteers. We are a club for the elders to join. Those who joined the club have the right to take part in our weekly activities which is held in the weekends. The activities revolves around our mobile home that we rented and modified ourselves. The activities basically allow the elders to include going out to many places including recreational parks where they can enjoy tai chi, line dance, etc. We also go to tourist spots such as Zoo Negara, Art gallery, Central Market and many more. Lastly we have workshops suitable for elders occasionally. We will invite professionals to talk about the things elders may enjoy like gardening, pottery, arts and craft. The forever 18 club can be joined by the elders with a one time charge of RM50. The activities will be hosted by volunteers, they will get a certificate signed by the Lion's club.

Other than that, during the weekdays the mobile home is used as an outdoor café that opens from 7:30am to 6pm. Where everyone can come and hangout and enjoy a cup of coffee with their friends. Those who did not join the club are free to come as well. The café is open at a park with proper registration and permit. The money earned from the café will be used to fund the club's activities and the staffs are part of the volunteers.

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