Health and Well-Being (Aging population)


Goh Jun Xian
Yew Jing Yan
Sri Shivaaneswari A/P Elangkova
Ummi Kamariatul Aisha Kamrin
Pau Choong Ling
Ting Wei Cheng
Cavin Leong Joe En

About the Project

Nowadays, most of the aging population are facing difficulty with transportation when their family members are not around. Our EziRide device is designed for them to overcome these issues because they can book their transportation more easily by using it. Besides, this device also comes together with an app mainly used by their children or caregivers to ensure their safety during the journey. We hope that this EziRide device can overcome their transportation problems and allow them to improve their aging life.

Background: A portable device created for elderlies to book transportation
Organisation involved: Collaboration with Grab
Objective: To help elderlies to book their own transportation without relying on others.
The UN SDG: Ensuring ageing population have an opportunity to be independent as well as ensuring their safety.

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