HeART Charity


Ng Shi Yan
Kwan Yee Hong
Aishath Rafah Ahmed
Kek Jia Qi
Jesse Eythan Savarimuthu
Aminath Mishwaar Ali
Ang Kee Kang
Sieh Qian Ying

About the Project

"HeART Charity" is a website designed to help the public know and understand the operation of the project and get the latest news and activities of "HeART Charity". Users can learn more about the vision and mission, value that is brought to the public by "HeART Charity" through this website. The website also provides users with the opportunity to purchase artworks and handicrafts produced by the underprivileged and local artist. The underprivileged group will learn art from “HeART Charity”’s tutor or trainer and sell their art through the website. Hence, they could make money for their living and end the problem of hunger. Through this website, the public can register as volunteers or trainers, and they will teach education and training related to the production of arts and handicrafts, which we call teachable art. Besides, collaborative partners are welcomed for collaboration.

The SDG of our project is "Zero Hunger". Zero hunger can be defined as in order to end hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Besides, hunger is the leading cause of death in the world. Hence, our client is Mr Rick Chee and he is the founder of "Food Aid Foundation". But, we are helping him in his new enterprise which called "HeART Charity". Heart Charity is a social enterprise established to train the underprivileged teachable arts, in order to equip them with skills in producing art and crafts products with minimal supervision. When the art training is complete, the underprivileged will be provided with job assignment in the production of art or craft to sell on HeART Charity website. Besides, collaborative partners are welcomed to collaborate or bulk buy the artwork to sell. The selling of artwork doesn’t only on the website, but also on road shows or collaborative partner’s places. Our goal is to help the underprivileged to have the ability and skills to survive on their own in order reduce the hunger problem.

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