Here For You App


Sajiya Mir
Yap Zhi Vei
Phoebie Ng Cia En
Puteri Adriana Hasya binti Azam Fitri
Aishath Inaan Niyaz
Daniel Azreen Bin Amir
Lidiya Khaliss binti Rosli
Ng Wen Yi

About the Project

The goal of the Social Innovation Project on Undergraduate Student Mental Health was to identify solutions to help students who were struggling with their mental health. During the research and development process, we learned that the majority of undergraduate students with mental health issues do not seek clinical care or therapy. We also noticed the scarcity of effective platforms for obtaining expert assistance, as well as the limited options offered to undergraduates. Mental health is important for students because it allows them to concentrate and have better social skills. Therefore, we believed that we could collaborate as a group to develop an innovative method, and create a safe space for students with mental health challenges to improve their academic lives.

“Here 4 You”. is a mobile app that is utilized to aid undergraduates in coping and overcoming their mental health issues/mental illnesses. The app itself consists of multiple features such as the join/create a community, exercise corner, game corner, meditation corner, art corner and music. These features will enable students to explore the various aspects (emotionally, physically and mentally) in tackling mental health issues. Within the app itself, there will be professional psychiatrists and counselors from both public and private sectors that the users can interact with or even seek advice/counseling. These psychiatrists and counselors may also serve as moderators in the app to help prevent and correct the spreading of wrong information within the app. Furthermore, users can also interact with each other through the various features offered in the app. This app hopes to full-fill the UN Sustainable Development Goal number three, Good Health and Well-being for undergraduate students and encourages them to socialise and build a sense of community within the users which will help them feel less alone during their struggles with mental illness.

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