HyCure Nest


Sharumaty Jeganathan
Chen Yi Hao
Cheryl Vanessa Litau
Jiang Jien
Carissa Vashti Wirawan
Wong Sze Qian
Gadha Shaheen
Su Jiancong

About the Project

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused everyone to be confined at home in order to maintain social distancing and obey the government's restriction order.

This has resulted an increase in online purchases and frequent food deliveries as its convenient and much safer. However, the increase in instant deliveries has caused hygiene issues as it involves close contact of a third person delivering the item. Not to mention, in apartments, the huge number of deliveries especially food deliveries have caused high traffic in the lobbies and this situation further result in close contact of any people from the apartment and outside.

The solution that we have in regards to this topic is HyCure Nest. The main function of this instant collection pop box is to provide a secure and hygienic temporary storage for residents in the apartment. The pop box is mainly used for delivery such as food or instant goods delivery that normally require residents to collect it from the delivery man hand to hand.

The hygiene part of HyCure pop box is the ability for an automatic sanitization of the box internally before and once each pop box is done being used. The sanitization process of the box will only take 1 minute before it is ready for the next customer to be used.

The HyCure Nest will be controlled by an appointed personnel of the apartment to avoid physical touch by many people. The appointed personnel will be able to receive the goods from the delivery man and securely put it in a pop box that is available at that time.

To use any pop box, details of the customer will be keyed in and a pin code will be generated that only the customer will receive directly into the HyCure mobile application that is integrated with the pop box system.

The HyCre Nest will allow the apartment community to avoid direct contact with the person delivering the items and at the same time maintaining hygiene of themselves and the products that they receive. This is able to be done by sanitizing the goods automatically once it reaches the apartment and reducing the traffic of collection in the apartment lobby that is controlled systematically by the mobile application.

The project involves in creating socially innovative solutions for the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario and beyond, in urban living. In collaboration with Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), the project will offer to the National Initiative on Malaysia Built Environment Guidelines for Pandemic (MyBEG). The current issues of the pandemic range from overcrowding in public spaces; to poor social distancing in semi-public spaces; to (un)hygienic self-quarantine isolation in private places. The focus is on the urban communities that would densely intensify the a) high-rise residences, b) institutions and c) recreational parks. The aim of the research is to explore the everyday aspects of community living and lifestyles, with focus on the specific exposure and vulnerability towards risks that affect health and well-being. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues, by using smart city and small interventions in order create resilience against the pandemic. The outcomes will contribute to significantly input for the Malaysia Built Environment Guidelines for Pandemic (MyBEG), for these three themes

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