Job Hunter


Chong Yi Hau
Chong Zi Xuan
Eugene Tan Li Heng
Grace Foo Qian Wei
Koh Xiao Xi
New Chen Yi
Tee Kiat Leng
Yim Xin Yee

About the Project

Job Hunter is a job-search app for graduates to find their perfect job in a fun and relaxed way. It speeds up the job search process of graduates who lack job or market information, who are unable to make career decisions and those who wish to switch their jobs. In Job Hunter, users get to experience more than 100 types of professions through different quizzes and games. From there, users gain insightful knowledge of a particular job and identify their strengths and weaknesses as a ranking system is incorporated. Besides, users get to have a better understanding of themselves through personality tests, and receive suggestions of job and company that fit them ideally. Most importantly, Job Hunter provides detailed company information, constant vacancies updates, and allows users to seek career advise from professionals.

Increasing competition in the job market and rising unemployment rate in Malaysia lead to the development of Job Hunter. Job Hunter aims to help graduates to find their ideal jobs by allowing them to know their strengths and interests. The app addresses the eighth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, which is Good Jobs and Economic Growth. It is expected that Job Hunter hastens the the job search process among graduates and ultimately reduces unemployment in the economy.

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