Justice for Migrants: Helping Hearts and Hands


Yap Hau Yue
Valen Tan Xie King
Wong Chee Kean
Vellyshia Florence Lee
Wu Junyan
Yuna Tsuno
Yu Moe Mying Aung

About the Project

Discrimination, stereotyping and hatred towards migrant workers existed with everyone since the early centuries until today and it has only gone up rapidly. Migrant workers have suffered many negative effects of stereotypes and extremely when migrant workers crisis cross with discrimination resulting both their gender and migrant status. Moreover, the help that they seek and the voices are not heard by the authorities. Thus, we have decided to create a website called Justice for Migrants: Helping Hearts and Hands. With this website they are able to reach out for help and their voices will be heard. This websites aim to give the utmost .

The website that we have created called Justice for Migrants: Helping Hearts and Hands is a website that helps migrant workers to seek for equal rights and justice. Many migrant workers do not obtain adequate education especially the children and thus, our website is built to emphasize on helping the migrant workers to gain the adequate education that is highly needed. This website main point is also it's Forum where everyone can share out their experiences and seek help from one and other. It is a platform where Safe ID is introduced. Safe ID is a code that does not reveal any real names of the migrant workers who signed up for the website and that is the beneficial part of it. All personal information are strictly private and confidential. The organization that we aim to involve are the wonderful Taylor's CSR Team. We believe that collaborating with the Taylor's CSR Team would be beneficial and we would contribute much more than usual. The UN SDG the project addresses are Good Health and Well-Being whereby we wish to help the migrant workers find a shelter which is safe and well for them. Their physical and mental health is also our priority. Next, Quality Education is the second UN SDG. As mentioned, our website is to aim and help the migrant workers to obtain adequate and of course quality education for all equally. Finally, Reduced Inequalities is our last UN SDG. Our mission is to lead the country to a better future and reduce inequalities between the migrant workers and society. Reduce stereotypes and treat all humans as one because we believe that there is one race, which is the human race.

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