Rangga Handitra Pawira
Stephanie Priscilla Liem
Soon Chin Loon
Michelline Amanda Prajasantosa
Aidy Patria

About the Project

A program that allows people to donate to Kechara through many different partnered restaurants in a unique way. Each restaurant will be provided a special character sticker to be “sold” to people at a price of RM2 each. But the earnings of “selling” these stickers goes to donations for Kechara. Each restaurant is assigned different characters which could be seen in KecharaGo (App). Hence if kids would like to get a specific character, they would need to eat in that specific restaurant. This gives kids incentive to collect more stickers, ultimately, increased donations. This also showed restaurants well-implemented their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Hence, gave them the incentive to accept the partnership. Furthermore, it’s easier for Kechara to make partnerships with them. To sum up, this is like an integrated “kids meal” program between all restaurants, and the earnings of Kecharacters purchases will goes to Kechara.

To include background, organisation involved (if any), objective/intended outcome, the UN SDG the project addresses; expected deliverable.
Kechara Soup Kitchen Foundation (KSK) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 to provide food, basic medical services, and welfare aid to the homeless and urban poor populations of Malaysia. KSK is struggling to meet its basic needs for food and medical care due to inadequate of funding. We hope that Kecharacters will be able to assist KSK in generating funds to support their everyday activities while also promoting Zero Hunger awareness among public.

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