LITE Tracker


Krystal Choy Yie Wern
Lim Sian Teng
Lim Ke Ying
Tang Xue Ying
Jesslyn Alvina
Brandon Nichola Gozali
William Siek

About the Project

LITE Tracker is an invention from Group 6 that consists of seven members, which is led by Krystal Choy, followed by the other members. This project is an innovation project which is participated by Taylor’s University students from diverse courses. In our group, there are students from School of Accounting and Finance, School of Medicine, School of Culinary, and School of International Business and Marketing. We took a 14-week period to develop and improve our prototype which serves as an early warning system for detection of viruses. Due to the current pandemic, we think that Covid-19 infected patients should be detected earlier before it starts spreading from one to many. Our prototype consists of three components that are interrelated to bring the best function to users, together with a Bluetooth connection accessibility.

LITE Tracker is an invention aimed to serve as an early warning system that is able to detect Covid-19 virus. It consists of three components, the microchip, detector (wristband), and device application. These three components are interrelated in providing the best signal for users. LITE Tracker has its own light ray that does not involve any radiation and is guaranteed to be safe for users' health conditions. The light ray serves as a penetration tool through the skin for detection of viruses in body cells and blood vessels. LITE Tracker also works closely and collaborates with the KKM in Malaysia for medical team support during emergencies and treatment towards infected Covid-19 users.

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