Live Healthy and Stay Well For a Better Future (BreatheSafe)


Eddie Leong Xing Jie
Lim Jun Yuan
Tan Siao Hui
Ng Wei Liang
Kang Cheng Yan
Goh Zheng Kang
Lee Ju Yao
Piridiv Raj A/L Sri Theva Kumar

About the Project

Our product name is “BreatheSafe”. It is an air quality sensor with an integrated app. Sensor is used to detect the particles in the air. Depending on the air quality, the sensor and app will alert people of the condition nearby on a real-time basis. People can also access accurate information on potential threats. Shop owners can monitor the conditions of their place and keep the place consistently clean and safe for consumers.

What is the most important thing in the world? I guess everyone would share a different opinion towards it. For some people, they would think that wealth or fame comes before health, they would sacrifice their health in order to achieve the wealth or fame they long for. However, the truth is, without health, it is most likely impossible for one to achieve their goal because health supports the human body and brain, so in order for people to work efficiently towards their goal, health is something that they could never neglect. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo, he does not smoke or drink, and he eats healthy everyday so that he would be in a perfect condition all the time, this is why he is so successful in his entire career. So, it is important to know that health acts as a basic element for whatever things we do.

However, a pandemic which is the Covid-19 struck our world around a year ago, and it has caused many people to suffer. This pandemic is a disaster for everyone in the world as it is detrimental to people’s health and would even cost a person’s lives. Hence, in order to overcome this pandemic and prevent future pandemic from happening, it is essential for everyone to know the importance of health by taking good care of it, such as avoiding dangerous or contaminated places, always cleans yourself and wears masks if feeling sick.

Hence, we have to do something about this situation and overcome the pandemic so that everyone can return to their normal lives and live in a healthy environment.

Our main objective for this project is to identify the dangers faced by the people during this pandemic and what courses should be taken to mitigate the situation people are in right now. It is meaningless if we do not solve the root of the problem which causes the start and spread of the disease. We have to look further in the future and make sure that pandemic never happens again by coming out with various methods that could help prevent future pandemic from happening. In this case, precautions are necessary to overcome the pandemic. The reason to take precautions is because we humans always take everything as granted, we never listen nor take action until the danger is right in front of us, that is why everyone should take precautions and always be alerted so that danger could never be able to approach us. Hence, our goal is to help people to increase their awareness by alerting them the dangerous spots that are contaminated by the virus so that they stay away from those places.

In this project, we will be creating air quality sensors that can link to an app to help alert people of the potential dangers regarding the pandemic and increase everyone’s awareness so that they would act more carefully and stay away from danger. If everyone is staying away from danger, no one would get caught in the pandemic and the disease would eventually leave us.

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