Live Healthy and Stay Well For Better Future


Ng Kee Yee
Gwee Guo Wei
Tay Wei Wei
Valerie Vun Tze Yun
Kong Ming Yee
Suvithaa Murigiah

About the Project

We turn sports into a game as sports can be played in different ways. During the epidemic, people were quarantined at home and activities are limited. Some was losing interest in sports due to lack of motivation or accompany. Sport in a Box is a combination of fun and exercise. Our goal is to find out a solution on what challenges do people faced in quarantine to lose interest in sports and how limited resources are hindering them. Players have multiple choice that our product has three versions which can also be single or multiplayers games. Besides, we also pay attention to customer service. A telegram group would be created for users to promote motivational memes and video. Some professional information will also be provided to enhance awareness of healthy life. In this way, we hope our game could bring joy and inspire people to rediscover their interest in sport.

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