Lokalah website to promote business during the pandemic


Thiang Tian Rui
Noor Nauman
Riku Nagai
Koh Woei Zhe
Lim Chian Wen
Shereen Gulrukh

About the Project

In summary our pov is about how in Kota Iskandar there are about $14.4 billon worth of property unsold causing the local to suffer with little or no monetary value, where the income doesn't match the price value of the capital, so we have come up with a website to help out the local business so that they can promote their services without suffer anymore financially. With this website locals don't need to leave their comfort zone of their homes and just advertise through the means of the website as they just need an internet connection, we have provided the consumers with any type of necessities service they might want to explore such as accommodation, transportation, activities
and itineraries.

The background on convenience for the consumers to explore multiple activates and information on johor. The Intended outcome is that locals can expand their service with multiple branches to increase income value, and promote more tourists to visit johor. Our goal is providing a product for sustainable cities and communities, to decrease their poverty, by increasing decent work and economic growth.

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