Lai Vick Hang
Soh Jun Feng
Maria Evelyn Purwoko
Valiant Stefanus Chandra
Callista Jennifer Coengardhata
Ivan Pradipa Junaidi
Andrew Ang Siu Boon
Agung Setiawan Phienanda

About the Project

‘MathHub’, is an entertaining game-based learning application that utilizes a point system to rank players to motivate players to enhance their calculation skills by completing the mathematics quizzes in the game. To make the game more interactive, MathHub has included a feature, which allows the player to host challenge with other users, and whoever get higher marks in the challenge can win double points. Once players have collected specific points, they can use the points to buy some boost up tools that can be used in the competition. For example, some tools can help the player freeze the time for 5 seconds. Additionally, MathHub will also provide a step- by-step explanation for each question if the players opt to review what they have done incorrectly. This 'review' feature allows students to pay more attention to that particular area, thus enabling student progression and improvement.

Our priority of this project is to target the audience of secondary students from the age of 13 till 17 where they are facing difficulties, being overwhelmed and unconfident with Math problems. We aim to unravel the lack of motivation in high school students' mathematics by developing a gamification app that gets students motivated to practice their calculation skills. Besides, we wish to apply modern teaching methods that help our target audiences to understand mathematical concepts engagingly and creatively. Therefore, the apps will include math games like quizzes or questions; when done correctly, points will be rewarded and vice- versa. Players can also host challenges with other users where they can win double rewards by winning. By practising with this application, there will be no doubt that anyone who tried it can be good at math. Furthermore, we hope this application can improve the quality of education (SDG 4) to produce generations to come with bright minds.

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