Migrants Hope Corner


Tan Ying Ee
Tey Yi Ren
Tey Keng Kang
Toh Wu Guan
Tan William
Tie Hieng Yi

About the Project

Migrants Hope Corner is a building that is made in collaboration with multiple local NGOS to give migrant workers in Malaysia a place to turn to regarding any hardships they're facing. This building aims to provide for several facilities that might be of use towards migrants such as an introduction of a law office, soup kitchen, dormitories, upskilling classes etc. Migrants can utilise this building and the relevant facilities to further better themselves or just to take refuge from the harsh work conditions they are subjected to here in Malaysia. The building will be funded and hopefully sustained through the introduction of a cafeteria in which the local community can chip in to support and try out different cuisines that the migrants bring.

The Migrants Hope Corner building would be in collaboration with local NGOS such as PITSTOP , North South Initiative, Asylum Access Malaysia. Our objective in doing so would be to create a sort of a safe haven in which migrants can come to when they’re facing problems. Migrants are usually unaware of their inherent rights and usually are meek in the prospect of seeking legal recourse towards the issues they face. The aim for our facility would be to further educate migrants on their relevant rights through workshops with notable NGOS and by allowing them to further upskill by taking upskilling classes giving them better career prospects. All these aspects are tied into the relevant facilities which we decided to include in the building. A soup kitchen would provide migrants with the necessary nutrients in their diet as migrants usually do not have access to a balanced diet. A legal office would allow for migrants to be further educated on their legal rights and advise on the potential course of actions they have in regard to their issues. Dormitories are provided towards migrants who have a lack of shelter due to their employers' unscrupulous behavior. A library to allow migrants a better access to further materials required to better educate themselves or to gain materials for their upskilling classes.

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