Mind box mask X Self-vending machine


Yin Ziyue
Yang Junxiao
Xu Yiming
Zhou Can
Wang Qiqian

About the Project

Our group’s project is a blind box for masks. Now that COVID-19 has spread globally, masks have become a necessity in people's lives. But ordinary masks seem too simple for young people. Therefore, we have made different kinds of blind boxes according to the hobbies of different youth groups, including animation, sports, animals and so on. People can make purchases according to their preferences. There are also special masks that can be issued to buyers who are lucky enough to get these hidden masks. Since 80% of the masks on the market come from China, we cooperated with Chinese manufacturers to get the lowest price, so that students can enjoy the cheapest and most surprising good quality N95 masks.

During the COVID-19 epidemic in China, people all over the world extended a helping hand to China. This time our design mainly started with masks. We cooperated with Chinese manufacturers to get the lowest price of N95 masks, and through our design , Make masks interesting.We initially expect to produce 5,000 N95 printed masks. The overall budget is as low as 2.3RM/pc for each mask. We use a box of 10/pc and launch different mask printing themes according to our designers. The most anticipated is The school-limited mask produced jointly with Taylor's University mainly has a black, white, red and gold pattern structure.Our original cost was originally 2.2RM/pc. We will donate all the profits beyond the budget to the Malaysian Red Cross to help those in need during the epidemic.We hope that our masks can help Malaysia’s difficult COVID-19 period to bring a bit of happiness, and help students in Malaysia and Malaysia’s Taylor to tide over the difficulties as soon as possible.

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