MyIslands Application


Jordan Lim Jia Ze
Kabir Mann
Richie Kid Novell
Cheah Chee Son
Muhammad Fatah Hazazi
Lee Chee Yung
Sadashiva Pavananthan

About the Project

When people hear of Malaysia, three things come to mind namely, food, culture and the beautiful islands that surrounds the coast of the country. However, within the past decade also, islands in Malaysia have not been getting the attention it deserves. As the demands of modern civilization creeps on rainforests and islands, Malaysia's indigenous inhabitants are finding their ancient ways of life under threat. Most of these people lack the resources to live a decent life on the islands of Malaysia. To overcome this challenge, in this project, our team is attempting to create an application called “MYislands” whereby people are able to volunteer their time and service to the island while having accommodation and meals taken care of. By this volunteers can visit islands for whatever reason be it for soul searching purposes or simply for an experience while contributing to a good cause. Apart from that, the application is also used as a platform for people to donate any sort of donations from materials to cash so that the indigenous locals on the coasts of Malaysia stand a chance to enhance their living quality. Users of the application are also allowed to give reviews for other users of the application to see. In addition, similar to Instagram, photos and videos can be posted for viewers to have a look. Our team hopes that this application plays a part in helping local tourism industry specifically the islands of Malaysia, to be sustainable enough and continue to flourish while showing off nature’s beauty that our country, Malaysia, has to offer.

The SDG of the project address Malaysian Islands getting the recognition it deserves while providing a win-win situation for the travellers as well as the fellow islanders. As mentioned throughout this project, the travel industry is one of the biggest to industries to have taken the hit especially due to the strict SOP guidelines issued by most governments. We expect travellers to have a more wholesome experience travelling using the MyIslands application as it offers more connection with the local islanders. Simultaneously, we expect the islanders to find it more beneficial on their side as well. Our group has conducted interviews with the related audience target and the findings are in our project. We hope the sustainability of local tourism industry will be better in time to come and we also hope travellers gain an overall, wholesome experience when travelling.

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