Liau Kah Man
Jing Xiang
Zhi Hui
Charlene Yeo Wee Jin
Lorenza Lim Mei En
Ong Jing Xuan
Ong Swee Liang
Cai FeiOu

About the Project

The project involves in creating socially innovative solutions for the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario and beyond, in urban living. In collaboration with Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM), the project will offer to the National Initiative on Malaysia Built Environment Guidelines for Pandemic (MyBEG). The current issues of the pandemic range from overcrowding in public spaces; to poor social distancing in semi-public spaces; to (un)hygienic self-quarantine isolation in private places. The focus is on the institutions where we focuses on targeting the learning issues of students who can't focus on classes and lacking motivation of the studies. The aim of the research is to explore the everyday aspects of community living and lifestyles, with focus on the specific exposure and vulnerability towards risks that affect quality education. The findings will be used to develop prototypical solutions for specific issues, by using smart city and small interventions in order create resilience against the pandemic. The outcomes will contribute to significantly input for the Malaysia Built Environment Guidelines for Pandemic (MyBEG), for these three themes.

We focuses on sdg 4 and sdg 11, which are targeting the social issues of quality education and sustainable cities and communities for a long term sustainability of the education system. In terms of collaboration, this app could incorporate into taylors mobile app, taylors times, taylors campus central and commercial stores such as food and beverages store, Taylor's Merchandise store and more to go!

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