Physio Eve Therapy


Evelyn Chen Siaw Yin
Filia Angel Lorenz
Brandon Tan Qi Loong
Shwe Yi Thwe
Tay Jo Tien
Kok Tim Weng
Shanice Lye
Seyed Mohammad
Patricia Aileen Prasetyo

About the Project

P.E.T offers an easy yet practical way for physiotherapy patients to do their exercises without the supervision of their doctor. P.E.T sends a list of exercises directly to the patient’s phone, allowing the client to see what exercises they have to do, with video instructions. The ultimate physiotherapy app, P.E.T monitors the patient’s progress, reminds the patients to do their exercises, and even lets you collect points in game to exchange for real-life vouchers. This free app even lets you chat and communicate with patients and doctors from all over the world. Want to know how it works? Play P.E.T now to get the best quality of help, fun and experience!

Based on conversations with our interviewees, our group realises the need to keep track of a patient's progress so that a patient can quantitatively see it. This thus allows patients to feel motivated, ensuring that the patient is doing their regular exercises. Besides that fact, reduction in expenses for physiotherapy sessions is a concern as it is excruciating watching money getting siphoned just for recovery when one has a low work income, which may lead to the development of depression. We want to ensure that they can focus on their recovery without distracting thoughts of financial difficulties. Additionally, we recognise public misconception of their physiotherapy sessions. To many, physiotherapy appears to be a placebo. This stems from the lack of knowledge and ignorance about the field of physiotherapy. In short, the term “physiotherapy” is unknown to most people, and what is done in that field is an even bigger mystery. Patients do not finish their treatment period, deliberately not attending sessions when needed. Again, this behaviour stems from a lack of motivation due to not seeing results quickly, and with time, their condition worsens

- To help the patients to stay on track with their physiotherapy
- To reduce the pricing which patients have to pay for physiotherapy
- To make the physiotherapy sessions more fun and engaging?
- To ensure that our application is able to allow patients to take charge of their health?
- To establish better communication between patients and physiotherapists?
- To better inform the public about physiotherapy?

- SGD3 Good Health and Well Being
- SGD10 Reduced Inequality

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