Pill For You


Brian Wong Hou Teck
Ng Jun Wai
Tan Zhan Yi
Wong Hui Xin
Pak Chee Yee
Tai Ji Nee
Audrey Jefferlin

About the Project

"Pill For You” is a customized application for the elderlies. There are a few features in it including medication reminder, health tracker and virtual remote control. This app will remind the elderlies take their daily medications. Beside that, it can also be used to measure the health condition of the elderlies including heart rate, steps taken and sleeping hours. The designated remote control is aimed to provide convenience to the elderly who are not familiar with the television channels. To add on, guardians will take the responsibility to help the elderlies to pre-set everything in order to enhance the interaction within a family.

We are students from Taylor's University and this is our Social Innovation Project. For us, we are focusing on the UN SDG no.3 which is Good Health and Well-being specifically the ageing population and the challenges faced by the elderlies. Hence, here we are to interview a couple of elderlies for example our grandparents to know the challenges that they face in their older life. Pill For You is our final application which in hopes to remind the elderly to take their medicine on time and increase the interaction between the younger and the older. Our expected outcome is to provide a quality life to the elderlies.

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