Playground Project for the Mah Meri Orang Asli Tabika Project


Heng Yi Yuan
Lee Cai Ying
Chai Wei Han
Gaikwad Anurag Shantavan
Cao Lixin
Ng Zy Kun
Lim Yu Jiun

About the Project

This is real life project carried out in collaborations with NGO TREES which is looking into restructuring a Tabika in Kg Sg Rambai a Orang Asli Village in Pulau Carey. The Tabika houses 20 Orang Asli children and is in dire needs of repairs and renovation. Taylors students were instrumental in providing their innovative ideas in 5 selected areas. The projects carried out were 1. Playground restructuring project 2. Interior renovation project 3. Waste Management Project 4. Rain Water Harvesting Management Project 5. Exterior Fence and Garden Project.

This particular Playground project was aimed at redoing the entire space 20 x 30 feet of old playground and to restructure it into a modern playground where children between the age of 4 - 6 years old can enjoy playing in a safe and fun environment. The SDG selected for this project are SDG 9 and the idea is to use recycled items for the children to play.

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