Preserving beaches in Malaysia from pollution


Khor Zhen Yang
Aw Yee Chuin
Muhammad Imran Bin Ghazali
Yurika Hatton
Miyuki Masuda
Chew Chen Yin
Harris Azhari bin Zainal Abidin

About the Project

In this innovation project, we hope to explore more on how dirty the oceans and beaches are having a negative impact on marine life and the global environment and to learn how much the beach environment can be improved by tourists picking up trash on the beach and recycling it. We would like to learn more about various ways to sustain tourism while being able to promote our local culture and products to achieve a win-win situation. Hence, we have set the point of view statement in our innovation project as visitors who love going to the beaches need some motivation to help maintain the cleanliness of the beach, while making the visitors willingly volunteer by reducing the amount of litter on the beach.

Our innovation is a trading machine that helps, inspires, and encourages tourists to help out with the environment of the beach. Not only does it help out the environment but it also rewards the tourists with a souvenir (made from recycled trash) to take home which can serve as a great memento. The main objective that drives us to conduct this project is to maintain a sustainable tourism for promoting local products/culture. The UN SDG of our project addresses is "Responsible Consumption and Production".

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