Project- Bridge


Sulagna Chatterjee
Shweta Bhatt
Kaviyarasi Bathumalai
Constantin Thomas Bart Christian Stock
Therese Keshini Karunatilleke
Park Jeong Eon
Sharveen Babu-

About the Project

Project Bridge is an innovative app which is specially made for the LGBTQ+ community in Malaysia.
We understand that life simply isn’t black and white, that everybody has their own struggles and have gone through issues that cannot be spoken about due to societal cues. We respect and understand these people and we want to help them live in a world which accepts them for who they are. We, as a group, want to contribute to making small steps towards change and hence any steps that can be taken to help, we want to take.

This project covers UN SDG 5 as well as an initiative to save the LGBTQ+ Community.

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