Reduce Inequality


Tan Xin Fu
Yap Khai Sheng
Tai Wei Sheng
Tan Re Hen
Manahil Wahid
Ateyah Saleh
Wilsen Kuatama

About the Project

Gaming or e-sports are just a medium to relax your mind and soul, temporarily escaping from your hectic life. It should be full of joy and happiness. However, women or girls, supposed to be treated fairly, are often perceived as incompetent players as they usually received direct or indirect abuse from other players even with their teammates. This causes women to be scared to join and can't even have a steady development in this industry, and eventually, they will stop playing and maybe some hidden gems will disappear. Hence, we should start educating the public about changing this toxic mindset and provide solutions for females. Take this events as a starting point, eliminate this kind of mindset for every single person. All in all, we aim to eliminate inequalities by using 'e-sports' as our starting point to create a better and more joyful world.

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