Restructuring of Mah Meri Tabika


Gan Jia Yang
Ashmitha Nathen
Mostafiz Hossain
Vaail Ali Hassan
Chen Wei Shuong
Ilman Hariz bin Osman
Ang Yee Yin

About the Project

Our group was assigned to work on possible improvements for the interior of Mah Meri Tabika on Carey Island. Due to Covid-19 limitations, we only had access to photos to certain portions of the interior. However, by conducting a meeting with the authorities which are Ms. Leela and Ms. Siti from Trees, we were able to access as to what was needed to be done. Through various ideas, we decided to create a more child-centred classroom and cheerful environment for them in order to make the children love schooling. Our prototype involves a virtual mock-up (created via 3Ds Max) of our rendition for an improved classroom which consists of the front, left and right view. Mainly focusing on ensuring a conducive learning environment while maintaining comfort. On the other hand, we also included innovations such as tablets and smart whiteboard as fresh learning experience. It is our hope that the prototype would prove to be engaging for the students as well as making teaching easier in conducting classes.

Organization: Trees
SDG 4: Quality Education

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