Safe Travels Post-Vaccination


Vong Tung Ern
Ng Yi Wen
Wan Jasmine
Tee Lixon
Masa Naziyah Shaban
Mahroos Mujuthaba
Eugenie Yap Earn Xing

About the Project

COVID-19 has been a global issue since 2020 and the implementation of MCO causes travelling restrictions in which people cannot travel freely and safely. Even though the vaccine has come to light, precautions should still be taken to ensure that people can travel safely post-vaccination protecting others and themselves. Our main idea is to create a wristband called the C-band that helps everyone travel safely post-vaccination by providing accurate real-time information to help users make informed decisions, ease their anxiety when it comes to travelling to places, and help them take care of their own health by monitoring their health conditions.

The objective of this project is to develop innovative and effective methods to help make travelling post-vaccination as safe as possible, ensuring that vaccinated individuals are able to protect themselves and others from the virus and to curb the spread of COVID-19. The SDG of our project addresses is Good health and Well-Being. We believe that social innovation can generate a solution for people of the working class and students who are facing issues in travelling to their workplaces or schools. We also believe that social innovation could highlight the importance of staying safe while travelling in an attempt to flatten the curve.

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