Sarawak Spice & Agro-Tourism


Kim Gee Yoo
Nurul Irdina
Nurul Nadhirah
Sia Yi Lin
Hinako Nakamura
Kuay Thang Chu

About the Project

Sarawak Spice & Agro-Tourism is a platform that provides spice growers to sell their products and post tour/homestay packages allowing them to earn supplemental income. It brings a platform to tourists that are interested in Agro-tourism as well as having an authentic local travel experience.

The expected deliverable is to help sustain spice growers and farmers income through a new method of revenue. By providing growers with an option to sell their products directly online with fees paid for by the purchaser and also providing tour/home-stay packages the farmer is able to help sustain their business while providing tourism options that are generally undervalued.

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