SIP title: Quality Education, Project name: The G5: Apex-educator


Nicolas Lee Jun Jie
Sharleen Devina
Connor John McCartney
Clement Goh Shu Xiang
Shi Ming Lang
Shakira Magret Kachala
Muhammad Darwish Matyussof
Mohamed Hussein Ahmed

About the Project

The G5: Apex-educator, world first ever portable high-tech limousine with technology themed interior environment is specially designed for rural students/residents to broaden their knowledge towards modern IT education by ameliorating internet access in the vicinity of the area. High tech features such as 21st century computer lab, G5AE bookshelf, G5AE curved video wall, LED walkway allows residents to discover more about the incumbent technologies. Services such as IT examination enables students to test their knowledge with guidance from expert IT tutor. Our most unique service will be the borrowing of laptop where students can discover more about IT back in their home.

The G5: Apex-Educator is highly focus on UN SDG 4 which signifies quality education. As unstable connection results rural area education system to forgo IT subject, our product is trying to ameliorate the internet access and similarly, enable residents to expose more towards modern education with our features. Besides, our product is also focusing on SDG 1 which eliminates poverty as nominal income in rural areas is deemed low and we are providing free IT modern education to everyone in rural areas. Moreover, SDG 10 which denotes reduced inequalities as our product's goal is to ensure rural individuals is on par with urban individuals which is having IT education.

With our product, rural individuals are exposed more towards the modern technology education. Moreover, residents can get themselves ready to fit into the urban society. Furthermore, confidence level can be boosted as residents are no longer needed to worry about structural unemployment. Lastly, work performance is most likely to be efficient and effective with existence of strong connection. Despite being an educational product, individuals can get to stay in touch with overseas family too.

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